The Stanley Brothers – Starday King The Early Years 1958-1961 – Collector’s Box Set


The Early Starday-King Years: 1958-1961 is a 109-track, four-disc box set that compiles every track the Stanley Brothers cut for Starday and King during that era. At the time, the group were releasing albums both on Starday and King, so there was an immense amount of confusion between the releases; the box set helps clarify the matters, by gathering all of the music together and presenting it in chronological order. This way, it’s possible to hear their progression, as well as the differences between the recordings for the two labels; on the King recordings, the Stanley Brothers tended to be more experimental, working in electric instrumentation.



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Volume One:

1.       Holiday Pickin’

2.       Gonna Paint The Town

3.       That Happy Night

4.       Christmas Is Near

5.       Lover Me, Darling, Just Tonight

6.       She’s More To Be Pitied

7.       Heaven Seemed So Near

8.       Your Selfish Heart

9.       How Mountain Girls Can Love

10.   The memory Of Your Smile

11.   Mastertone March

12.   Clinch Mountain Backstep

13.   Midnight Ramble

14.   Train 45

15.   Think of What You’ve Done

16.   Keep a Memory

17.   Old Daniel Prayed

18.   He Said If I Be Lifted Up

19.   This Wicked Path Of Sin

20.   I’ll Meet You In Church Sunday Morning

21.   Are You Afraid To Die

22.   The White Dove

23.   How Can We Thank Him For What He Has Done

24.   Mother’s Footsteps Guide Me On

25.   That Home Far Away

26.   My Lord’s Gonna Set Me Free

27.   Than Angel Of Death

28.   Wings Of Angels

29.   Suwannee River Hoedown

Volume Two:

1.       Choo Choo Comin’

2.       Carolina Mountain Home

3.       Trust Each Other

4.       Beneath The Maple

5.       Highway Of Regret

6.       A Little At A Time

7.       Another Night

8.       Ridin’ That Midnight Train

9.       Mountain Dew

10.   Sunny Side Of The Mountain

11.   Tragic Romance

12.   Shenandoah Waltz

13.   Next Sunday, Darling, Is My Birthday

14.   Sweet Thing

15.   Sweeter Than The Flowers

16.   It’s Raining Here This Morning

17.   Shackles And Chains

18.   Weeping Willow

19.   Old Rattler

20.   I’m A Man Of Constant Sorrow

21.   My Main Trail Is Yet To Come

22.   Mother Left Me Her Bible

23.   Jacob’s Vision

24.   I’ll Not Be A Stanger

25.   From The Manger To The Cross

26.   Four Books In The Bible

Volume Three:

1.       Purple Robe

2.       When Jesus Beckons Me Home

3.       Jordan

4.       Pass Me Not

5.       Lonely Tombs

6.       Over In The Glory Land

7.       How Far To Little Rock

8.       A Few More Seasons

9.       Where We’ll Never Die

10.   In Heaven We’ll Never Grow Old

11.   Mother No Longer Awaits Me At Home

12.   If I Lose

13.   Little Maggie

14.   God Gave You To Me

15.   Don’t Go Out Tonight

16.   The Darkest Hour Is Just Before Dawn

17.   Rank Stranger

18.   Let The Church Roll On

19.   Rock Of Ages

20.   I Saw The Light

21.   What A Friend

22.   Gathering Flowers For The Master’s Bouquet

23.   I’m Ready To Go

Volume Four:

1.       Let Me Lover You One More Time

2.       Little Bennie

3.       Old Love Letters

4.       Daybreak In Dixie (undubbed version)

5.       Daybreak In Dixie (overdubbed version)

6.       Wildwood Flower

7.       Let Me Rest

8.       Are You Tired Of Me, Darling

9.       Finger Poppin’ Time (undubbed version)

10.   Finger Poppin’ Time (overdubbed version)

11.   Rank Stranger (previously unreleased)

12.   Come All Ye Tenderhearted

13.   The Window Up Above

14.   Lover’s Quarrel

15.   The Story Of The Lawson Family

16.   Hey, Hey, Hey

17.   The Wild Side Of Life

18.   Jenny Lynn

19.   What About You

20.   Little Willie

21.   Big Tilda

22.   Wild Bill Jones

23.   You’re Still To Blame

24.   I’ll Take The Blame

25.   I’ll Just Go Away

26.   Steel Guitar Rag (previously unissued)

27.   I’d Worship You

28.   Just Dreamin’

29.   The Drunken Driver

30.   Little Joe

31.   Handsome Molly