Bill Emerson Touch of Time

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2012 release from the influential contemporary Bluegrass artist. Bell Emerson & Sweet Dixie plays easy to listen to traditional to modern country style songs with a highly identifiable style. The band includes no less than three great lead singers, each with their own distinct style. Listen to their vocal harmonies and you'll find no others with that sound. The album includes four new and dynamic instrumentals including Wayne Lanham's Scottish flavored 'Castle Hayne' and three Emerson originals. Bill continues to amaze US with his creativity and insights as to how he wants the songs and the band to sound. He hasn't let US down over all these years and his standards are as high as ever on the Touch of Time.

1 My Baby Thinks He's a Train
2 Castle Hayne
3 Little Pink
4 The Touch of Time
5 Home Sweet Dixie Home
6 Today I Turned Your Picture to the Wall
7 The Rope
8 These Ones
9 You're the Highlight of My Life
10 Love Gone Cold
11 Electric Avenue
12 Last Night I Was There
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