Pokey Lafarge - Rhumba Country

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Pokey LaFarge will return with Rhumba Country on May 10, 2024 via New West Records. The 10–song set was co-produced by Chris Seefried, Elliot Bergman, and LaFarge and was recorded in Los Angeles, CA & Chicago, IL. On Rhumba Country, he reveals his newly heightened devotion to making music that channels pure joy. He says, “There was a time when I glorified sadness because I lost sight of who I was, but now I understand that creating and expressing joy is my gift, and gifts are meant to be shared.” Reclaiming his voice, LaFarge has recorded his boldest album yet.


1. One You, One Me

2. For A Night

3. Run Run Run

4. Like A Sailor

5. Sister Andre

6. So Long Chicago

7. It’s Not Over

8. Home Home Home

9. Made To Be Loved

10. You Make My Garden Grow

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