Wade Mainer - Sacred Songs

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1 Take Me Back To The Sunny South
2 Drifting Through An Unfriendly World
3 Little Rosebuds
4 If I Could Her My Mother Pray Again
5 Ship Sailing Now
6 Mother Came To Get Her Boy From Jail
7 Shake Hands With My Mother Again
8 The Old And Faded Picture
9 What Would You Give In Exchange
10 My Mother Is Waiting
11 Dear Daddy You're Gone
12 I'm Not Turning Backward
13 Heaven Bells Are Ringing
14 Dying Boy's Prayer
15 City On The Hill
16 Lights In The Valley
17 Walk That Lonesome Valley
18 Got A Home In That Rock
19 Going Down The River Of Jordan
20 They Said My Lord Was A Devil
21 Precious Memories
22 Anywhere Is Home
23 I Can Tell You The Time
24 Not A Word Of That Be Said
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