The BMI database credits Allen Shelton with 8 published compositions or arrangements, including:

  • “Banjo Bounce”
  • “Bending the Strings”
  • “Dine-e-o”
  • “Shelton Special”

Early Influences

  • Troy Shelton (father)
  • Radio
  • Earl Scruggs
  • Don Reno
  • Hubert Davis

From the Archives

“[Mac Wiseman] didn’t carry a bass and he’d play very little rhythm on the guitar. And if a hard-driving style was ever needed, there is where you had to put it.”
Quoted by Tony Trischka in liner notes to Shelton Special, Rounder Records, 1977.
“When Allen Shelton played with us all those years, every time we heard a pedal steel guitar break, we’d try to adapt it to the banjo and to the mandolin, both. We just experimented with different things.”
Jesse McReynolds, quoted by John Baldry and Jan Jerrold in “Jesse McReynolds, Mandolin Player,” British Bluegrass News, May 1985.
“I’ve had the pleasure of having some fine banjo players work with me, but Allen Shelton stands out as the best all-around banjo player I have ever played with. There may be another one better, but I haven’t heard or played with him as yet.”
Jim Eanes in liner notes to Allen Shelton, Mr. Original Banjo Man, 1977.