The future of Bluegrass depends on the passionate sharing of our music, history, and culture. In fact, that’s a huge part of our mission at the Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame and Museum. We help make this happen in a number of ways, including lessons, workshops, and open jams.

What’s more authentic than learning AT the Hall of Fame? The Saturday Lesson program is designed to make bluegrass music more accessible to all who are interested in learning to play an instrument.

Thanks to grants from the Micheal E. Horn Family Foundation and the Lester E. Yeager Charitable Trust, lessons are offered at a heavily discounted rate to the students.

All classes take place at the Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame & Museum.


Beginners - This class is for newcomers, no skills required.

Beginner Plus- Beginner students that have completed two semesters and are ready to expand upon the skills learned.

Bluegrass Band - This class is for musicians and singers and will teach you how to play with others as the group learns songs together. You will learn how to arrange the song, pick the best key for the song, play along with different instruments and singers, and perform together at a local nursing home. We hope this experience will create relationships, spur bands to form, and make more music in our area and beyond.

You must have basic playing knowledge of your instrument or singing. Instruments will be acoustic only or small percussion. The styles covered will be bluegrass and country. Professional musicians and teachers will lead the class.

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