BMI’s database credits Clarence White with 20 published compositions, co-compositions, and arrangements, including:

  • “Byrdgrass”
  • “Green Apple Quickstep”

Early Influences

  • Eric White, Sr. (father)
  • Roland White (brother)
  • Earl Scruggs
  • Joe Maphis
  • Django Reinhardt
  • Doc Watson

From the Archives

“I spent almost every hour with my guitar. It was my whole life in the ‘50s and early ‘60s but it was all acoustic playing, bluegrass mostly, with some Django Reinhardt… I might just as easily not gotten into bluegrass if [my brother Roland] had bought Elvis Presley records instead.”
Quoted by Pete Frame in Zigzag magazine (UK), July 1973.
“He didn’t copy anyone else. He profited by licks he heard me play, and different people play, but he made his own innovations, improvising and all.”
Doc Watson, in liner notes to Clarence White: 33 Acoustic Guitar Instrumentals, Sierra Records, 2000.
“There are few musicians whose name I would mention in the same breath with that of Clarence White, the greatest bluegrass lead guitar player of all time.”
John Kaparakis, in “The Bluegrass Alliance,” Bluegrass Unlimited, October 1969.