• “Tennessee Dream”
  • “Welcome to New York”
  • “Georgia Cracker”
  • “Picking Wild Cherries”

Early Influences

  • Leonard and Minnie Lawson (parents)
  • Bill Monroe
  • Jimmy Martin
  • Grand Ole Opry

From the Archives

“I remember how much fun it was recording the first album… the [first albums we did] were cut pretty much live, and came off being a little bit rough when I listened to them. But I think the soul in them will stand the test of time.”
Quoted by Tim Stafford in liner notes to Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver: The Original Band (Sugar Hill SH-2210, 1999).
“[My band members must] have character, dependability, must be willing to do things my way. I expect them to represent me and the music I play in a professional manner at all times. The fans watch you offstage just like they do when you’re performing.”
From “The Doyle Lawson Interview” posted on the Mandolin Café website,, accessed December 11, 2012.