The BMI database credits Jake Tullock with 12 published compositions, co-compositions, or arrangements, including:

  • “Buck’s Stumble”
  • “Cotton Town Jubilee”
  • “Great Big Woman”
  • “Just Joshing”
  • “We’re Going to Have a Ball”
  • “Welcome to the Club”

Early Influences

  • English P. Tullock, Sr. (father)
  • Church

From the Archives

“...the Foggy Mountain Boys have in Cousin Jake (English P. Tullock) a comedian-bassist-singer who brightens the proceedings with his outlandish costume. He is often the butt of a lot of good-natured leg-pulling.”
Robert Shelton and Burt Goldblatt, The Country Music Story - A Picture History of Country and Western Music, 1966.
“‘Cousin Jake’ Tullock dodges from bass to buffoonery. As the others took a break, Jake soloed on stage for ten minutes of country corn. ‘Gals here are shore purty,’ he told the audience. ‘They ain’t like the gals in my hometown. They’s so ugly ever’ year they have a beauty contest and a man wins!’”
Raymond J. Tuers, “Flatt & Scruggs Create Homey, Blue Grass Mood,” Asbury Park Press, August 5, 1968, pg. 8.
“Cousin Jake Tullock, one of the greatest bluegrass bass players ever. He could push a song like no one else. Really underrated, and for the most part forgotten.”
Kent “Superman” Blanton, talkbass.com, accessed August 13, 2018.