• Copyright records list Lance LeRoy as a co-writer of the music for two instrumentals in Flatt & Scruggs’ 1968 album, The Story of Bonnie & Clyde: “Reunion” and “Get Away.”
  • He also composed the gospel number “Sailing for Glory,” recorded by the Bluegrass Cardinals in 1980.

Led the Way

  • Pioneering agent and manager for major bluegrass acts, including Lester Flatt, the Bluegrass Cardinals, Jimmy Martin, Johnson Mountain Boys, Del McCoury, and others.
  • Produced and contributed photographs and liner notes for numerous bluegrass albums, and wrote many magazine articles on bluegrass artists and topics.
  • In 1985 initiated and organized meetings of industry leaders, resulting in the establishment of the International Bluegrass Music Association.
  • IBMA Award of Merit (Distinguished Achievement Award), 1994.
  • Bluegrass Hall of Fame, 2000.

Early Influences

  • Lester Flatt & the Nashville Grass (booking agent & manager), 1969-1979

By the Way

  • In 1968, exposed future Rider in the Sky “Ranger Doug” Green to a recording of Elton Britt, which Green cites as his “yodeling epiphany.”
  • Arranged for 14-year-old Marty Stuart to complete his high school diploma by mail, when the ninth grader moved to Nashville in 1972 to join Lester Flatt & the Nashville Grass.
  • Got Rhonda Vincent her first festival bookings in the early 1980s, when she was a young member of the family band the Sally Mountain Show.
  • Produced his close friend Paul Warren’s only fiddle album — after Warren died — from tapes of live and radio shows.
  • Can be heard on various CMH-label recordings introducing Lester Flatt, the Bluegrass Cardinals, and talking about Josh Graves.
  • Wrote for Bluegrass Unlimited magazine under the pseudonym Brett F. Devan. Says LeRoy, “I made that name up purely out of the air to sound like a British blighter, so I could say whatever I wanted without making my friends mad.”

From the Archives

From the Archives: Original recording of 11 tracks by the Bluegrass Cardinals. This album was produced by Lance LeRoy and recorded at Studio By the Pond in Hendersonville Tennessee. David Parmley: Guitar; Norman Wright: Mandolin; John Davis: Bass; Nike Hartgrove: Fiddle. Source unknown.

“Through Lance LeRoy I learned a lot about country music, especially bluegrass music. When I first moved to Nashville, Roland [White] would take me out to Lance’s house and we would play records into the wee hours.”
Marty Stuart, quoted by Traci Todd in “Lance LeRoy, part 2,” Bluegrass Unlimited, March, 1993.
“When asked if a certain act would be on this year’s show, [Lester] Flatt replied, ‘To tell you the truth, I leave that up to Lance LeRoy. I don’t even know if I’m going to be on it. Lance has been my right arm for eight years. He’s a good, honest man. You don’t find anybody like him everyday.'”
Don Rhodes in “Marty Stuart & Lester Flatt,” Bluegrass Unlimited, September 1978.
“From my earliest days in the business…, I strove to enhance the image of this music by things such as having printed the best possible quality stationery, buying an $850 IBM Selectric typewriter (in 1969 dollars), and getting a multi-line telephone system, even though there was no one but myself answering it. I also bought a Code-A-Phone answering machine that surely must have been a prototype, as well as securing a Pitney-Bowes postal meter. All of these tools I felt were necessary to project a professional image for my agency… With that mindset, it seemed to me that all of bluegrass needed a similar representation. So I sat at my typewriter and pounded out a form letter that February, 1985 morning, outlining my thoughts and suggesting—no, urging—that some of us get together and discuss starting a bluegrass association, by whatever name, with a top-of-the-line awards show. I mailed copies of that letter out to some prominent artists and a few others who were influential in our business. Of course the import of that letter or its future significance never entered my mind.”
Quoted in Nancy Cardwell, “IBMA Marks 20th Anniversary June 2005, Leaders Reflect,” International Bluegrass.