• “Angel’s Waltz”
  • “Texas Crapshooter”

Early Influences

  • Family
  • Smokey Graves
  • Earl Scruggs
  • Bill Monroe
  • Dale Potter

From the Archives

There were three fiddles in the Judy Lynn band; she loved that violin-section sound. That’s when I really gout out of the first position and began exploring the neck of the fiddle.
Quoted by Douglas B. Green in liner notes to Texas Crapshooter, County Records, 1978.
It really inspires me to see a young kid playing in some cases as well as I do now. It makes me want to get in there and teach them some more. It makes me feel good when I go places and hear a fiddle player playing some things that I originated. It’s really inspiring to do that. I see a lot of these young players coming up and they’re playing so much better than people used to at that same particular age when I was young
Quoted by Traci Todd in “A Conversation With Bobby Hicks,” Bluegrass Unlimited, March 1998.