• “Cross Country”
  • “Joshua”
  • “Rider”
  • “Smokin’ Hickory”

Early Influences

  • Earl Scruggs
  • Don Reno
  • Ralph Stanley
  • Bill Keith
  • Sonny Osborne
  • Allen Shelton
  • Mac Wiseman

From the Archives

I think the reason we’ve been successful is that we haven’t really been trying to prove anything to anybody. When we started off, nobody needed to play music to make money. It was something we were all doing for fun, and I think we’ve pretty much maintained that attitude.
Quoted by Robert Kyle in “DC’s Best Banjo Picker,” Blueprint Washington’s Bluegrass Newspaper, July 1979.
I love the old Flatt and Scruggs stuff and Jimmy Martin and the Stanleys and Osborne Brothers and Don Reno and Red Smiley — that’s what I cut my teeth on. I can still listen to some of those old records that Flatt and Scruggs made back in the early fifties/late forties and get that same feeling that I had when I was a teenager.
Quoted by Penny Parsons in “Ben Eldridge – Getting that Magic Feeling,”Bluegrass Unlimited, February 1985.
I don’t know how much longer I can do this. It hurts when I play. It’s frustrating because I can’t do a lot of things I used to do.
Quoted by David Morris in “Catching Up With Ben Eldridge,”BluegrassToday.com, posted August 22, 2012, accessed July 27, 2014.