• “C & O Canal”
  • “Gardens and Memories”
  • “He Rode All the Way to Texas”
  • “Mean Mother Blues”
  • “Rider”

Early Influences

  • WRVA Old Dominion Barn Dance
  • WWVA Jamboree
  • Bill Monroe
  • Flatt & Scruggs

From the Archives

We decided we'd play one night in a club, we would try to put out as good of records as we could and then limit our playing within a driving distance of Washington, with a few exceptions... And it was enough to the point that we were making a fair amount of money, and it was also enough where it had not reached the point where we were tired of it.
Quoted by Robert Kyle in "John Starling: Medicine Replaces Music," Blueprint: Washington's Bluegrass Newspaper, September 1979.
I always liked bluegrass music, even back when the Kingston Trio were popular. I couldn't stand them - I'd much rather listen to Ralph Stanley, and if the truth be known, it probably had a lot more lasting qualities than the Kingston Trio.
Quoted by Sheila Berquist in "John Starling: Music and Medicine," Bluegrass Unlimited, February 1986.
I’ve started writing stuff again; I’ve got two or three things I’ve written… You never know about your own stuff until you hear it done…. I’m not real happy with my own tunes. I guess it’s like people’s cooking. People don’t like their own cooking.
Quoted by Robert Kyle in “‘Long Time Gone’ John Starling Returns,”Blueprint: Washington’s Bluegrass Newspaper, July 1980.