Led the Way

  • Publicist for Starday Records, promoting records of the Stanley Brothers, Carl Story, the Lewis Family, and others, early 1960s.
  • Editor of Music City News, late 1960s.
  • Award-winning BMI songwriter.
  • Founder of Good Home Grown Music publishing.
  • Founder of Blue Circle Records.
  • IBMA Distinguished Achievement Award, 2004.
  • Inducted into the IBMA Hall of Fame, 2018.

By the Way

  • As a teenager, worked as a trick rider in Wild West shows.
  • Nicknamed “Miss Dixie” by Lillian Carter, mother of President Jimmy Carter.
  • Taught to play the autoharp by Mother Maybelle Carter.
  • At one time, boarded as many as 50 stray dogs and raised a million dollars for the Nashville Humane Association.

From the Archives

“I really can’t explain it . . . I feel so at home here. Unless you believe in re-incarnation, there’s no explanation. I was born into a totally different environment, thousands of miles away, and yet here I am, sitting in Nashville, writing songs. You know what my ambition is? I want to buy a little farm. As soon as the royalties start rolling in, I want to buy a little farm up in the hills somewhere. And just stay there, writing songs and things.”
Quoted by Mary Libby in “Meet Miss Dixie Deen—She’s ‘Earl Wilson’ of Country Music World,” The Tennessean, August 1, 1965.
“Songwriting is an escape, a retreat, and a haven for me. It’s somewhere to go. There’s nothing like the feeling when a song’s completed. You see what it is you’ve brought into the world. And then you have to let it go, and hope someone doesn’t put drums on it.”
Quoted by Nancy Cardwell in “Dixie Hall,” Bluegrass Unlimited, March 2015.