ASCAP’s database credits Vassar Clements with 18 published compositions, including:

  • “Crossing the Catskills”
  • “Fiddle Pack”
  • “Westport Drive”
  • “Lonesome Fiddle Blues”

Early Influences

  • Carroll Clements (cousin)
  • Gerald Clements (cousin)
  • Tommy Dorsey
  • Carroll Clements (cousin)
  • Gerald Clements (cousin)
  • Tommy Dorsey

From the Archives

“I’ve always said a fiddle would fit any kind of music. But I’m kind of backwards; it don’t look right on me to try and push anything, so I just sit back and wait for a chance. And when the chance comes along, I take it and prove what I’ve thought all along.”
Quoted by Sylvia Rector (AP) in “Old Musical Barriers Broken,” Wilkes-Barre Times Leader, February 22, 1974.
“You’re always tryin’ to do somethin’ new and to do that you have to play yourself out on a limb and then try to play your way back into the patter of the other people who are playin’ along with you. If you make it back, you’re okay.”
Quoted by Jack Hurst, from “Vassar Clements Put Down Booze to Fiddle Again,” Philadelphia Inquirer, April 7, 1974.
“I still don't read music. To me, it’s all feeling.”
Quoted by Bill Banks in “Renowned Fiddler Still Jumps Categories,” Atlanta Journal-Constitution, September 26, 2002.